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There’s always something new to learn in an ever-changing digital world! Our blog covers topics like web design, WordPress and Squarespace development, SEO, digital marketing tools and integrations, and much more. Get comfortable and explore with us!

create a google api key, associate designer

Google Maps Platform API keys for WordPress Sites

It’s no secret that Google is one of the most frequently used search engines worldwide. Millions of consumers use Google to search for information …
customer loyalty, customer rewards program, creative ways to increase retail sales, retain customers

5 Ways to Retain Customers and Encourage Loyalty

It’s a great day for business when new customers make a purchase, pay an invoice or sign a contract. After all that work to convert a lead to a cus…
2022 website design trend | latest trends in website design | outdated website design | slow websites | website design trends

8 Website Design Trends to Leave in 2022

With a new year on the horizon, our website design team got to chatting about which website design trends we’d embrace in 2023 and which should be …
gifts for female entrepreneurs | gift for opening a new business | christmas gifts for entrepreneurs | gifts for entrepreneurs | girl boss christmas gifts

2022 Gift Guide for Girlpreneurs!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for the girlpreneurs in your life, you have come to the right place to find the perfect girl boss Christmas…
holiday marketing strategies | best holiday marketing campaigns

Prepare Your Holiday Promotions Now

Have you been to a big box store recently?! The holiday season is here! It seems like just yesterday we were hoping for warmer weather and planning…
lead magnet ideas | types of lead magnets | the benefits of lead magnet strategies

3 Ways to Harness the Power of Lead Magnets

Every business has an obvious similar goal — to sell its products or services. But with this “simple goal” comes the challenge of converting cold o…
managed web hosting services | managed website hosting | managed hosting | do I need managed WordPress hosting

How Hands-Free Hosting Boosts Productivity

When you became an entrepreneur, you probably predicted you would be busy, that you would wear a lot of hats, that you would have control. Exciting…
content marketing interview questions | importance of storytelling in marketing | storytelling techniques for business | why content creation is important | web content creation services | your business story

The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing

Think through some of your favorite brands. Now consider why they’re your favorite. Is it the feeling that you belong to the culture of that brand?…
SEO agency, SEO strategies for small business, small business SEO strategies, website design reviews

Level Up Your Small Business SEO Strategies

You’ve mastered your service offerings and you’ve built a great website, now you can sit back and wait for the crowds of potential customers to rus…
website post-launch checklist | mobile-friendly website | optimized for search engines

Yay! You Launched a New Website… Is It Optimized for Search Engines?

Whether you DIY’d your new website or hired someone to help, there are some key things you can do to set your website up for success after launch. …
website design

Launch Your Dream Website in 5 Days!

Building a new website is a big undertaking for any business. All too often we hear stories of astronomically high pricetags and excessively long p…
launch in one by ctmh, accessibe

CTMH’s heartwarming introduction

Hi there, and pleased to meet you. We are CTMH Group. We know, we know. It’s four letters and frankly a mouthful. But it’s also full of meaning. CT…

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