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Content that Demands a Sequel

The CTMH team has a storied history in creative writing and journalism, and we love creating content that leaves audiences begging for more. We’re not delivering canned content you’ve heard before. We take the time to understand your business by interviewing your team. We don’t stop until we get to the root of your brand personality. We ask critical questions to understand your unique business, offerings, customers, goals, and plans. We find the pain points, weaknesses, and unspoken messages and find the right words to not only tell your brand story but do so in a way that optimizes your site for success.

Our process is simple yet effective. After a one-on-one strategy call, we take our learnings to create content to market your business — website copywriting, emails, blogs, press releases and more.

As we develop your brand voice, we establish a precedent for what your customers should expect to hear from you. Our content development process includes writing techniques that touch on character development, invoking the senses and evoking emotion to tell stories worth reading to the end.

When your messaging conveys your understanding of your clients’ pain points and answers their burning questions, they’re encouraged to take the next step with your business.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time to talk branded content.

Your story is essential

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the U.S. compete and offer similar services. What differentiates one business from another is the heart of the brand, the values that drive quality service, and the way the brand story is told.

/ Encourage Brand Loyalty /

Brand loyalty may seem like a moving target. To be fair, it is a glossy word that doesn’t mean much… if you don’t know what your clients want or how to communicate with them. Knowing your customer behaviors allows you to communicate regarding their pain points and desires. When you’re speaking the same language, a connection is made.

/ Communicate Your Values /

Customers are more informed than ever before. People care about the values driving company behaviors and feel driven to spend their money with companies that mirror their own values. By openly communicating your company’s core values, you give consumers the tools to make an informed choice and encourage a deeper connection with your brand.

/ Establish Thought Leadership /

Thought leadership is established through content that demonstrates your business or the professionals who represent your business are experts in specific topics or services. Consumers are looking for professional services that they can depend on. By establishing thought leadership, you show your customers that your business is the right choice.

/ Drive Sales /

Well-written content can help guide your customers through the customer journey to make a purchase. By answering their questions step-by-step in your on-site content, you remove the barriers to purchasing your products or services.

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